UBP IAS Discretionary Strategies

Global Multi-Asset Class: Our Global Multi-Asset Class solution (GMAC) is a set of US Dollar-denominated portfolios allocated across several major diversified asset classes essentially via US-listed ETFs and direct investments in stocks and bonds. Our Multi-Asset Class approach is actively managed and quality focused, investing mainly along traditional asset classes with potentially minor exposure to alternative assets.

GMAC portfolios are essentially “long-only” and aim to compound capital growth and income, in order to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns over the medium term. Asset classes across which they invest include developed and emerging market equities, low-grade bonds, high-grade bonds, commodities and physical gold.

GMAC portfolios provide clients with several investment profiles based on their risk tolerance. Clients can select the following investment profiles: Capital Preservation, Conservative, Moderate, Balanced or Dynamic.

Swiss & German Opportunities: Our Swiss & German solution represents a unique investment strategy for small- to mid-cap publicly traded companies.
The primary investment objective is to achieve above-average, long-term capital growth by investing in an equity portfolio of 30-50 Swiss and German companies. Although companies we cover are niche players, they do tend to have strong brand awareness internationally.

We live and work in the heart of Europe, surrounded by the companies and sectors that make up our investment universe. Speaking the same language benefits our understanding of both Swiss and German cultures. Our quantitative analysis combined with an extensive qualitative due diligence provides an unbiased view of the fundamental quality of a company.

Our investment approach includes strict risk management discipline and lower beta composition of the portfolio.

Eurozone Focus Portfolio: The Eurozone is home to many innovative and highly profitable businesses operating in various sectors. We think that Europe has a less efficient equity market than other developed market peers, with plenty of opportunities. Our data-based approach helps to identify attractive companies and detect changes in the fundamentals. We also apply a rigorous risk management strategy, which aims to preserve capital over the long term.

The Eurozone Focus Portfolio is typically comprised of 30-50 positions. The portfolio is diversified across industries and business models and has a focus on large-cap companies. Portfolio holdings are selected through our proprietary quantitative model, which focuses on clearly set criteria of growth and value factors to identify sustainable and profitable businesses. We want to achieve a balanced and low turnover portfolio.

Swiss Focus Portfolio: Many world market leaders and highly profitable businesses are domiciled in Switzerland. Our aim is to invest in the most attractive set of such companies and participate in their growth opportunities. Our investment process is based on stringent stock selection and disciplined risk management.

The Swiss Focus Portfolio is generally comprised of 25-45 positions. The portfolio is diversified across industries and business models and typically has a focus on mid-cap companies. Portfolio holdings have been selected through our proprietary quantitative model, which focuses on clearly set criteria to identify sustainable and profitable businesses. As a result of our disciplined approach, the Swiss Focus Portfolio is well positioned to benefit from global trends in digitization, automation, healthcare and the rise of the middle class in emerging markets.


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